Public Areas

High Density Wi-Fi Deployment

Wireless deployment in high density areas has been always a problem for service providers. In area such as airport, train station, and conference room; wireless user often experience good signal but not able to surf the Internet. For those area, you need Acelink’s high density wireless solutions.

High Density Environment

In many high density areas. Although you can connect with the Wi-Fi network, you are not able to transmit any data. That’s because Wi-Fi uses collision based CSMA/CA. In 2.4GHz network, only maximum of 25 clients can be online. For 5GHz, only 50 users are possible. Therefore, you need Acelink’s solution to accommodate more users in public areas.

  • Sport’s Arena

  • Conference Hall

  • Airport

  • Train Station

Solutions for the Problem

  • Wi-Fi 6

    WiFi6 uses OFDMA instead of 11AC’s OFDM. OFDMA allow optimal use of time vs. frequency to deliver different packets over different frequency and time. This also avoid the collision problem with OFDM. The result is much better performance for multi-user and high density environment.

  • Smart Handover

    In high density environment, it is necessary to deploy more APs. But when the customer is on the move, the roaming from one AP to the other should be seamless. That means the AP needs to support 11r/k. Acelink’s AP support the 11r/k function for fast handover performance

  • Load Balancing

    There is only certain number of users each wireless AP can handle. When one AP is overloaded, it should automatically move some users to other AP. This is called load balancing. Many Acelink’s APs support wireless user limit to help with load balancing

Versatile Management Software

For high density deployment, NMS software to manage multiple APs is very important. AceLink’s Skymanage PC software provide the capability to manage 250 APs and up to 10 different sites. Best of all, it is free to use.

Conference Room Solution

  • NMS Software


    Install the software on PC or Cloud to manage the wireless Aps.

  • AX3600 AP


    The 4T4R WiFi 6 Ceiling AP provide up to 250 users per AP for Internet Access

  • AC1750 AP


    The 3T3R Wi-Fi 5 Wall Mount AP provide up to 200 users per AP for Internet Access


Airport Solution

  • AP Controller


    Manage up to 200 APs without the need of cloud or PC.

  • AX1800 AP


    The 2T2R WiFi 6 Ceiling AP provide up to 250 users per AP for Internet Access

  • AX7200 AP


    The 8T8R with 16 Core CPU for Ultra High Density Deployment