5G NR Outdoor CPE with IP65 Weather Proof

  • Qualcomm SDX55 architecture
  • 1 x 5 Gigabit 802.3at PoE port
  • 1 x BLE radio for configuration
  • Support Sub-6G and Millimeter Wave
  • Flexible deployment with pole-mount, wall-mount or railing-mount
  • Outdoor IP65 weather proof housing
5GbE PoE+
Millimeter Wave


5G Solution for Home and Building

AceLink’s outdoor 5G NR CPE is the most advanced solution for bringing 5G broadband building or home.  Featuring a stylish, modern weather proof design, in addition to powerful internal antennas, it is truly a top pick solution for telecom providers.

Overcome 5G Distance Limitations

The 5G NR offers great bandwidth but at the cost of coverage distance.  Thus, you will need an outdoor solution to bring the 5G signal into your home.  The AceLink EW-7079O5G offers 6 sub-6G and 3 millimeter wave antennas that provides far better signal than an indoor router or smart phone can offer.  There is no doubt that a 5G NR outdoor CPE is required for maximum the benefits from a 5G NR link.

High-Performance Qualcomm Solution

The EW-7079O5G is based on Qualcomm architecture which offers great compatibility.  It can work in sub-6G or millimeter-wave band.  With the 5 Gigabit Ethernet PoE port, you can operate the device at the full 5G NR speed. 

Bluetooth Support for Smart Setup

The EW-7079O5G has a BLE radio built-in for direct configuration through Bluetooth.  It makes instant setup with a smart phone APP easier and faster.


Topology of 5G NR Outdoor CPE


Flexible and Easy Deployment

  • Wall Mount

  • Railing Mount

  • Pole Mount

Product   EW-7079O5G
Qualcomm SDX55 LGA
CPU Frequency 1.5G
Number of CPU Cores 4cores
Internal storage (MB/GB) 512MB
OS version Linux 4.14 
Multi-Giga PHY
1x  5GE PCI-E Controller AQC111C
TI  CC2650 (for configuration)
8 x 3G/LTE/5G antenna(Sub-6G)
3 x 28G mmWave Antenna
1x BLE antenna 
Ethernet Port
1 x 100/1G/2.5G/5Gbps BASE-T Ethernet (RJ45)
1x SIM slot (push push)
Stats LED: 1x tri-color (Green / orange/ Red)
Signal bar: 4xLED (green)
                   1x 5G mmWave (green)
                   1x 5G sub-6G (green)
                   1x LTE  (Green) 
1 x Reset Button (Reset / Reset to Factory Default)
1x push push mini SIM slot
PCB dimension
Enclosure Dimesion
237.3x126.8x143.5mm (with bracket)
Operating Temperature
-10 ~ 50 degree C (TBD, without heater)
Power Supply
IEEE 802.3at PD