AI Coprocessor Dongle  Create AI On-the-go

The Edimax AD-7201GAI AI Coprocessor USB Dongle is made with Edge  NPU that brings accelerated ML inference to an array of users, no matter
if you are a professional AI product developer, researcher, maker, designer or teacher, you will find that the Edge NPU neural  processor easily processes high-performance neural network, all in a small package. Plug the AD-7101GAI USB directly to the  edge device USB socket and instantly experience ML inference capabilities that realize the AI on-the-go and help decrease  development costs and overcome AI application obstacles.
The edge AI processing features instant response that maximizes performance and secures data transmission while saving  costs. The AD-7201GAI coprocessor is ultra-portable that requires no external power or server to operate, increasing AI  learning speed on-the-go. The pre-trained advanced neural network AI, modeling applications such as image recognition,  voice recognition, data analysis, and natural language processing etc. It can work directly with edge AI devices such as PC, AI  camera, IoT devices, robots, drones, VR platforms and more.

Product AD-7101GAI
Processing Unit
Edge NPU (Neural Processor Unit)
Supported OS
Linux, macOS, Windows, unbutu
Supported Framework
ONNX, Keras, Tensorflow,  Pytorch and other developing  CNN model frameworks
USB 3.1  Type-C
FCC Class B, CE Mark, RoHS
Operating Temperature and Humidity
5~95% (Non-Condensing)
87mm x 30mm x 15mm