Network Management

Cloud Network Management System 

Simplified Wireless Network Management for Businesses, Hospitality, or Schools with Multi-Site Locations.
  • Centralized, Remote AP Management with cloud web-based Wi-Fi network management software.
  • Easy, Flexible, Scalable WLAN Configuration to manage up to 250 APs and up to 10 multiple sites with multi-tenant capability.
  • Public Cloud Virtual AP Controller , the control center can be accessed by web browser anytime anywhere.
  • Easy-to-Use Graphical Status, Reports and Tools including real-time dashboard overview, zone plan and Google Maps.
  • Built for Businesses and Projects, ideal for SMB environments such as offices, hotels, schools, resorts, retailers, shopping malls, community, residential, etc. 
  • Quick Setup and Optimized Wi-Fi Network Performance
  • Supports Acelink Indoor/outdoor Access Points

Centralized, Remote AP Management 

Installed on a local PC or installed on a cloud server* such as AWS for remote management. The Acelink Cloud NMS helps network administrators to easily manage and monitor the connected Edimax Pro access points and switches across multiple sites with multi-tenant capability. 


Easy, Flexible, Scalable Configuration through Web Browser

Supporting up to 250 Access Points and 50 multiple sites with easy configuration interface, the Acelink Cloud NMS enables the system integrator or network administrator to effectively and efficiently deploy fully functional wireless networks with flexibility and scalability.  Additionally, multiples sites and AP groups can be configured and added in the network or update their settings at one time.


Easy-to-Use Graphical Status, Reports and Tools

Intuitive interface and graphical dashboard showing the network status for easy configuration and quick access to key performance and monitoring information. Network administrators can use site images for visual overviews of network setup, with easy drag-and-drop features to plan and simulate AP deployment to determine the best coverage areas for your APs

Built for Business and Projects

Easy to use and view real-time status and historical data with a dashboard overview web UI for the connected APs and clients across multiple sites. With rich features including traffic management, RF performance configuration, spectral analysis, Airtime Fairness, Band steering, auto channel, guest portal and more. The Acelink Cloud NMS is ideal for the demands of small-to-medium business environments including offices, hotels, schools, resorts, retailers, shopping malls, community, residential, etc., and system integrator projects.