Smart Plug Switch with Power Meter(UK)

Real-time power meter

Easily check the current power usage with the intuitive EdiSmart App on your mobile device 

System integration capable

Made to be integrated into other projects with ease, also providing API for customization. 

Easy Setup

Just plug it into the wall socket, connect to the home network and you are good to go. 

Made for a safer environment

Withstands a wider range of temperatures and is also surge protected. 

Software features

● Real-time Power Meter
Ever wonder what is the current power usage? View the current kWh to know exactly what the plugged in device is  costing you or if the device is functioning properly as it should.  Compare different devices to have a better grasp of where your money is spent. The monitoring function is done through the intuitive App.

● Easy Setup
Installing the smart plug is that easy and safe. Just plug it into the wall socket and then connect it to your home network. Control all your EDIMAX smart plugs using the intuitive EdiSmart App on your mobile device. It is easy as that! In addition, the 16A rated power support means that you can plug a wider range of devices.