Acelink Gaming | Performance Solution for Gamers

Mobile, console and PC gamers alike, annual sales of related hardware and software sees massive growth over recent years. Thanks to hardware innovations, gamers are now connected around the world, with eSports being a global sensation. Acelink offers a comprehensive solution that lets users experience top-notch performance and reliability, providing great business opportunities in such a growing market.

Game On | The Complete Solution

An ever-increasing amount of new technologies that push forward improvements in speed, durability and connectivity.
Furthermore, a high performance gaming switch is at the epic center of gaming environment  
Acelink offers high-performance switches for routers,
NAS storage and more, offering a complete and customizable solution to meet gamers’ needs.

  • SW-UT1205

    5port 100/1000/2500base-T

  • SW-UT2206U

    4port 2.5GE + 2port 10GE

  • BR-6889AX

    AX3600 4T4R 10GE Router


The Gaming Switch | The Bridge Without Bottleneck

A high-performance and durable switch is a part needed for gamers to experience lag-free gaming,
the Acelink Gaming Switch is made to handle intense traffic flow with QoS capability and with other features
such as low power consumption and high transfer speeds. Not to mention all that power packed in a “palm-sized” chassis.

  • Highest Switching Capability

    This product family provides 60Gbps / 100Gbps / 160Gbps to the Home and Soho networking in wired connection, enabling very high bandwidth / time sensitive applications come true.

  • Best QoS Capability

    The Traffic Flow could be identified by the connected Port, 802.1p, DSCP, or user configurable IP for QoS setting. The traffic for VOIP, for gaming and for specific application s could be realized in priority and in wire speed!

  • Cut Through* Switching

    The switching speed of the Traffic is so important for the gaming application. Cut through will reduce 50% latency and enable store then forward mechanism for the long packets. The faster the better always!

  • WW No.1 Lowest Power

    The idea to design the device is ”planet friendly”. Not only lowest power at full traffic loading, it also provides 802.3az EEE functions and power saving mode for automatically adjusting the power of different cable lengths. Of course, it is Fanless!

  • Palm Size

    With the latest generation switching chipset solutions, the device size is reduced dramatically. The compact device brings extremely high bandwidth to the Home and SoHo Environments.

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