Smart City

  • Kiosk

    Delivery Fastest Wi-Fi 6 service Broadcast emergency information

  • Traffic Surveillance

    Multiple camera type with Artificial Intelligence engine. Delivery License place recognize for parting Lot

  • Cloud & 5G Capability

    Powerful Reliability, Security and scalable, bring you to Internet of the thing

  • Environment Air Quality

    Deploy multiple air quality sensor. See all real time information and real time emergency information

Total Air Quality Solution Structure

AirBox Applications for Schools

  • Air Detection

    By setting up the AirBox along with a wireless networking device in a ventilated area to detect and collect real-time air quality data.

  • Air Monitoring

    An additional big PM signal board installed in school for monitoring instant PM2.5 levels. Teachers and students can take action soon when the monitor shows harmful or hazardous air quality.

  • Air Improving

    To work with local HVAC contractors to provide ways to improve the air quality for classrooms. The recommendations include using mechanical ventilation system, air filters, air circulators, air purifier or anti-dust window screens. And other passive methods also work for air improving, e.q., solid and vegetative barriers, limited car idling nearby schools.

  • Air Forecasting

    Parents and anyone can use a convenient app to understand current and recent air quality of their favorite AirBox sensing stations with visualized data or push notification. Based on accumulated AirBox sensor data with traffic data and weather data include wind through machine learning big data tool, air forecasting system is under developing.

Video surveillance Market by Multiple Vertical


  • AirBox Air Quality Air Particle Analysis

    Live analysis of PM2.5 air quality readings with custom alert function settings

  • Environmental and Climate Analysis

    Local weather, humidity, temperature and other live information

  • More Functions on All Sides

    1. Dual sided touch panel display, additional tablet
    2. Fast charge USB charger and more
  • High-grade Aluminum Constructed Chassis

    Not only does it remains sturdy and withstands hazards, it also acts as a decorative structure that can be used to extend the decorative designs of an advertisement and more

  • Free Wi-Fi with fast upload and download speeds

    1. 200 simultaneous users at the same time without lag
    2. Mesh Wi-Fi internet that covers the shopping district
    3. Backup internet design that keeps the internet running
    4. Fast user login design system
  • 55 inch Large LCD Multi-media Display

    1. Specially made to combat viewing clarity even under harsh sunlight
    2. Able to connect to live data or streaming
    3. Auto light sensor that adjusts the brightness for better viewing
    4. Shatterproof glass that is 6.8mm thick
  • Safety Design

    1. Able to withstand earthquakes up to 7.7 magnitude and wind speeds of up to 20 knots
    2. Safe construction guaranteed
    3. Public safety insured

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