Working from Home

Working from Home

Ever since the outbreak of pandemic, the demand for working from home has increased dramatically. It is a trend that will continue even after pandemic is over. You need a secure and easy way to connect between home and office. VPN router is the best solution for this purpoase.

Site to Site VPN

When you need to connect networks between Head Office and Branch offices, you need a VPN router such as Acelink’s SAV310 which support up to 50 IPsec VPN tunnels.

Open VPN

Working from home is the trend that starts with the Corona Virus period. Using Open VPN function on the SAV310, users just need to download the Open VPN software and connect with the office network.


The SAV310’s PPTP server provide another possibility for working from home. Just start the PPTP dialup program on your PC or Smart Phone, then you can connect up to 20 accounts with the office network.

  • VPN Router


    VPN Router with 2WAN and 3 LANs.  Supports IPsec, Open VPN, and PPTP


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